Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Hunting

We live in a place where you hear gun shots MANY times throughout the day during gun season.
Sometimes they sound TOO close but I know they aren't. I have made the boys wear their blaze orange a few days because there is soo much woods around our house and even though it is our property and my parents, you never know who is hunting out there.
Plus, they love wearing it like daddy :)
Kevin has killed 3 deer this year. He is really loving it in the country. He has had a few friends come out to hunt with him. Most days, the boys and I wait and wait and they ask me 100 times when daddy will be home with his deer. The boys are so bummed when he comes home empty handed. haha
I know it's kind of sick but Kipton LOVES to pet the deer. Like LOVES it.
He keeps petting it's head over and over and says "awwww baby deer" lol
My boys are destined to be hunters, and I am so thankful for a husband who teaches his boys about hunting and the outdoors. I love that they are learning and getting these awesome life experiences with their daddy. So blessed!

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