Monday, November 26, 2012

After Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a good weekend. It was very busy! Friday and Saturday we mainly shopped and decorated which is super fun with two boys that are REALLY into Christmas this year.
I decided to let the boys pick out their own "real" tree this year for their toy room and decorate it themselves. To say that Karson had a blast, would be an understatement. He decorated that tree like it was his favorite day EVER! He loved every second and took almost an hour on it. He never asked for help and did almost everything besides stringing the lights.
Super proud!
I will also say that Karson is very into dressing himself as you can see :) He LOVES pajamas and takes his "real" clothes off as soon as he gets home (I don't know where he gets that from) and puts on his pajamas. You know boys don't care if they match or not...I am just happy that he has taken such an interest in dressing himself. He is always telling me that he can dress himself that I can go just put on Kipton's pajamas for him.
Kipton just kinda helped and played with his toys while Karson decorated. We had some extra colored lights so Karson wanted to string them around their chalkboard in the toy room. He LOVES going in there to play in the dark and shows everyone that comes over.
On Saturday..our Elf on the Shelf appeared on our door step. Karson just couldn't believe his eyes and listened so carefully to the story that explained about our new visitor. The boys decided to name him BUCKY after a buck deer. How fitting :)
They have really had fun with him. Karson has taken more of an interest than Kipton but I expected that. I am not really putting a huge force on the Elf thing because the boys shouldn't be reminded a million times to be good for toys. But rather just use the Elf for a fun factor and a little reminder that Jesus and Bucky are watching to report to Santa.
Karson had a performance with his Sunday School class this past Sunday.
The boys wanted to get their picture taken under our big tree in the living room that I was still working on. It has taken me almost 5 days to finish it. It is super hard to decorate with little ones around :)
Their class sang 5 songs and Karson did WONDERFUL! I couldn't have been more proud. He sang and did the motions along with the words. I loved their little performance and so thankful he has a great church to go to with other friends his age who are learning about Christ.
Hopefully I will get my decorations finished up this week and ready for the holidays. I am getting super excited for the parties, and fun things we have planned.

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