Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I started decorating the day after Thanksgiving and I'm still not finished.
Is anyone else having to decorate with kids under their feet and in between cooking, cleaning up messes, and playing? I guess that is why I'm on Day 7 of decorating but I'm almost finished!
I had been wanting a 9 foot tree ever since we moved into our new home last December. It didn't happen last year so this year I waited for one to come on sale at Hobby Lobby and went for it. We have 10 foot ceilings in our living room and kitchen so it works perfectly.  
I have been watching lots of tutorials and videos on how to use deco mesh and ribbon throughout your tree. I really love Liz's blog HERE and watched many videos from her. With the help of my mom helping to be on the other side to string lights around this huge tree and adding her touch with the deco mesh, I got the look I was going for.
I added lots of Christmas picks also from Hobby Lobby throughout the tree. I also bought different Christmas picks to put up at the top of the tree but it ended up not working out well so I changed it and just left the star at the top.
Another tip that I learned from LIZ is to take the top hooks off of your ornaments and push them onto the tree limbs instead of hanging them on the tree limbs. Then you can move them around and bend them so that the bulbs are just the way you want them.
Normally I decorate more with a country theme but I really like the sparkle and shimmer in my tree. I didn't buy a new tree skirt because they were so expensive at Hobby Lobby even with the 50% off but I used an older one that had Disney characters on them and just cut them off from the back thread. Maybe I will pick up a new skirt after Christmas when they are really on sale.
We finished up our outside lights last night. Kevin was just thrilled to be on our roof. It is VERY steep. Even our contractor was not thrilled with our choice in house designs because of the roof.
Hope everyone is getting their decorations up and enjoying them.

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