Friday, November 30, 2012

Random Happenings

Fore Warning * This is just a boring ole post about our daily life.
Monday: We stayed home all day and continued to decorate the house for Christmas along with playing, eating, baking some desserts, and taking long naps :)
Tuesday: Kevin's 1st day off work after 7 days at work. We missed him greatly. The boys and I ran a few errands in the morning and Kevin had a friend over to practice bow shooting and then they went hunting. We put up our Christmas lights before dinner and the boys loved "helping".
Wednesday: Karson went back to preschool after having a whole week off for Thanksgiving Break. He only goes on Wed and Fri mornings from 9-11:30 and it's been so wonderful having a place for him to go play with friends and learn to be away from me and his house. He is still a big homebody and loves being at home in his pajamas :) He goes right into preschool without even looking back for me and wants to find a particular teacher that he LOVES on those mornings.
Karson got his first progress report when we went to pick him up. All check marks and about 8 check plus's which means above average. I was super proud and loved the comments from his teacher.
We had told him that if he got a good report that we would take him out somewhere special. So I made spaghetti that night and after dinner we took the boys bowling for the first time. I didn't take my camera but they had a BLAST! Afterwards we went looking for Christmas lights. It was a great evening.
Thursday: We stayed home all day and cleaned and got ready for our guests. Kevin had 4 guys over from work to hunt and to practice bow shooting. They had a great time and the boys wore them out. I'm sure they were ready to go home to their quiet houses because most of them are single guys or married with no kids. Kevin fixed deer chili from one of the deer's that he has killed. It was really good and then fixed deer jerky. The boys eat it like candy. It is super hot but they love it.
Friday: Kevin had to go back to work but we are getting back to our normal routine. Karson had a great morning at preschool and afterwards we went to the park to play until lunch time.
Kipton really enjoys time with just mommy. We normally read stories, visit the library, play at home, go to the park or the grocery store while Karson is there.
While I was upstairs in our storage area getting Christmas decorations down I found this teeter totter that Nana had bought the boys and I put it up there for a few months. I like to hide toys so they don't have too many out and then swap them every few months and they act like it's a brand new toy!
They are really enjoying this toy again.
Karson wants me to rock him hard on it and pretend he is riding a bull. He likes to see if he can stay on for 8 seconds. O to be a BOY!

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