Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December is HERE!

I can't believe it is December! It really does feel like yesterday it was June and we had a huge storm that knocked out our power for 11 days and now BAM it's December!!
Anyways, I wanted to write down a few things that I wanted to remember about the boys since there really isn't anything important to blog about. 
*Kipton is 29 months (he was 2 in July) and he still has his paci, blankie, and isn't potty trained. When Karson was this age I had him potty trained, paci gone, and blanket gone. I feel like more than anything it's because of me. It's not that I'm lazy to not potty train but life is so hard right now that adding potty training might be enough to send me to the moon. (is that awful?) I was in such a hurry to do everything for Karson that I was rushing him to stop being a baby. Kipton is still very whinny and the paci helps calm things so it's still around. It may be because he is my last baby and I know that. Holding on to those moments for a little while longer. :)
I think I mentioned before that Karson got his 1st "progress report" from his 3 year old preschool class. I was very nervous to get it even though I know he's smart but I worried about how he was behaving without me being around to remind him about how to act the right way. There were about 20 different categories on the paper and he got all checks which means "Completes the task average" A minus would be that he couldn't complete that task. He also got 7 check + which means he was above average in those areas. I hope this doesn't come off by being braggy but I just wanted to remember in case I ever loose that report card. I am VERY proud of Karson and the comments from his teachers were so nice. I met with the director this morning to go over the report and she had nothing but wonderful things to say about Karson. He did cry the first month and a half at drop off and she was so happy that it has stopped and he LOVES coming into preschool. I am so happy I stuck it out (I thought about waiting another year to send him) and now he RUNS into school and basically jumps for joy when he sees his two favorite teachers. (Mrs. Kelly & Mrs. Rachel)
Kipton is my Loving child. Not that Karson is not loving he does give me kisses and hugs daily but mostly it's because I've asked for them. Kipton randomly gives me kisses and hugs and tells me often that he loves me and sometimes says "I LIKE you mommy". The other day I was getting ready and putting on makeup and he said "That makes you pretty mommy" O son, you are right it does hide the ugly :) He tells me a lot that I have girl hair and he yikes it :) He is loving, but a bit more dramatic than Karson. He loves to be the center of attention and tries to be funny and make people notice him. He puts on a big show for the people when we are waiting in the lobby for preschool to let out. The parents always crack up at him for being so talkative and funny. He has never met a stranger.
Another funny story is that I ordered both boys a pair of red chuck taylor shoes from Ebay to go along with the Christmas shirts they have. Ended up that they came from China and had Chinese symbols on them. Kevin said "It's a good thing the boys aren't in "real" school or they would be made fun of. haha But the best part is that they don't care and they are little so we will be wearing those shoes this year and hopefully next. (Karson is wearing them in the picture above)
I have finished Christmas shopping for my boys but haven't really started on everyone else. I am so behind. I hate to be a procrastinator but I always am!!! Hoping to get some done this weekend.
Have a great week!

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