Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our weekend

Our weekend started Friday with the 2nd day of preschool for Karson.
 The boys were heading out with their new shirts for fall football!
Since daddy was working we had a fun Saturday morning with Nana and later that evening we celebrated Kevin's birthday. We were super sad that daddy had to work on his birthday, but such is life I guess!? We had a celebration that the boys LOVED getting ready for, and we even said SURPRISE to him as he walked into his balloon filled home.
We ate yummy pizza and had cake that the boys helped mommy with. It was wonderful :)
 This morning we had church where Karson had a rough morning. Feeling a little (ALOT) discouraged as we go through the 3 year old "phase". 
 Here are a few other pictures from our weekend:
Swing time with daddy!
Cheerin on THE HERD from home since daddy was working.
Rocking babies :)
Getting ready for the big Surprise party for daddy!
Wearing new jommies :)
And, playing lots of dress up these days! Kipton is a hoot and will wear ANYTHING!
Thankful for buying about 10 costumes at a yard sale last year for about $5.00
Hope your having a great weekend!

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