Thursday, September 6, 2012

Daddy's Vacation

Kevin had 2 weeks of vacation time this year at work. We didn't go on any big vacation so he had time to just take randomly and stay home with us. He used 4 days and put with his 4 days off. We've had him home with us for 8 days and it has been super nice!!
The boys love having their daddy home. 12 hour days are long and they are normally getting ready for bed when he is getting home. We miss him so much, but we are so thankful for his good job and that he does get to come home every night.
The boys have been busy with our new fall schedule and working/keeping up with the house. Kevin also painted our bedroom sage green and finished all of the trim work. I am a little uneasy about such a dark color but he assures me that it will rub off on me. I am really into tan and white but trying to go half way with him. I'm hoping I will warm up to it.
We have also started a new bible study group at our church on Wednesday nights. It's super fun and the boys love going to be with their friends from church.
 Kipton is a hoot these days!! Look at him with his finger up his nose...just smiling away. This picture is soooo Kipton! Ornery to the core :)
We made pizzas one night and let the boys do it ALL. Boy was that fun :)
But they were super proud, and we ate them for a late night snack. We will have to do that again soon. They had a great time with it and of course I gave a little lesson about making pizzas. It was a fun activity to do!
We have stayed busy in those 8 days and they have really went by fast. Just 7 more days until we can have more special time with daddy :) 

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