Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st day of Pre-School 3 finally came! After months and months of talking about heading to pre-school, the morning was finally here! We have decided to put Karson in a 3 yr old preschool class at a local church. He will go on Wednesday & Friday from 9-11:30.
I will be honest, the few days leading up to the big day, Karson was a little hesitant. Ok ALOT hesitant. I would mention it was just 3 more days away and the tears came. He would say things like:
"I don't want to go to preschool, I just want to stay home with you Mommy!"
"Mommy, I want you to go to preschool"
"Will you be my teacher Mommy?"
"Will you stay a LONG time Mommy?"
But the morning came, and he was excited and actually in a great morning mood! (which is rare)
Some mornings you are more like your daddy than your mommy. You are a slow person to wake up and NOT a morning person. Thankfully Mommy had a few "special surprises" for you at the table.
They were just a few things to cheer you up and get you going in the morning.
 You are such a joy Karson!
Of course Kip had to have a few special surprises too! Very happy to be up, but not happy to be staying back at home with daddy while Karson goes to preschool.
Just checkin a few e-mails before we head out! No baby brother for this trip. It's just my big 3 year old boy. Karson went in just fine. He had a great time and when we picked him up I think my heart sunk when I first saw him. I was so happy to see my baby smiling.
Here are a few things that were said in the car:
Did you like preschool?
Yes, it was very very good.
What did you do?
Play, and have fun and stuff.
Did you have a snack?
Yep. Juice and crackers.
Did you get to go outside and play?
Yes and I got to play on daddy's row boat.
Were there lots of kids in your class?
I asked him about the picture/paper that was sent home.
Did you color this by yourself?
Yep, the teacher didn't have to help me.
That was about all that he said. I stopped asking him questions because Kevin was giving me the "crazy mom" look. HAHA!
On the paper we got at the orientation meeting it said that they will be getting progress reports in November and January. O my this makes me so nervous! Because I have a degree in teaching I think I worry so much about my child's education, as I'm sure all moms do, but I OVER worry! Are they ready? Are they fully prepared? Have I done enough? I feel like my job as their mom is to give them the best foundation possible. I hope we get that A+ progress report because he is so prepared, even if it is for Pre-School 3. I want them to really cherish and grow in their education. Learning and growing in school and in the Lord are the two areas that I really want my boys to focus on. Nothing else matters to me. No sports team, or fancy clothes can compare to growing in the Lord and having faith fullness for him, for family/others, and for their education.
Just for a funny, here is Kipton behind a scary mask that we found upstairs! The boys LOVE it.

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