Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome College Football

Kevin and I LOVE College Football!!
We were so thankful that it was September 1st and especially because it was the opening games for both of our favorite teams.
West Virginia & Marshall University
I'm sure you know who he roots for! Like LOVES his WVU Mountaineers. Wearing the clothes every day almost. I get so sick of seeing gold and blue! HA
We have been going to the friends of Coal Bowl for the past 5 years. I twirled in the band for the first 2 years that they played against each other and then once I stopped twirling Kevin and I went the past 3 years. I was really happy we made the choice to just stay home and watch it.
It is so much better watching in your living room without the elbow to elbow people in the stands plus normally very hot the first few games. Last year in Morgantown it down poured and they ended up canceling the game. Sooo..we made yummy food and had friends and family over! It was PERFECT :)

Kevin has brainwashed my boys into loving WVU. But since I am a Marshall ALUM..I just can't put on that blue and gold. It would be soo bad of me!

Funny story: Friday before the game I took Karson grocery shopping and out for a morning with mommy while Nana kept Kipton. We went to a sporting good store to buy some Marshall gear. I bought the boys a new Marshall Jersey and bought it so both could wear it. We have 1 WVU and this new Marshall jersey. None of the boys would wear it! They were trying to rip it off and Karson even cried when I put it on him. They want to be just like daddy and wear Mountaineers.

Kipton ended up taking one for the team...and wearing mommys jersey! :) Makes a momma proud..cupcake face and all :)

Love my boy even though he is 100% WVU

We LOVE college football and have pretty much been watching it all weekend. It is so strange to be in the house and not working on a project or working outside on something. We have really enjoyed the family time with food, football, naps, family, friends, and games. It really has been great!

Pup came which is Karson's favorite "friend" (Kevin's friend from work)

We had a big "American" dinner with all the works. Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, beans, corn on the cob, garden tomatoes, desserts, it was all so good!!
Here are a few pics from my iPhone that go along with getting ready for football:
Baking football cupcakes with mommy
An awesome pin I bought...just to rub it in with Kevin :)
My boy at the pet store in his Marshall shirt! He agreed to wear this for momma :)
Tackle on the play! There has been lots of footballing, and tackling, and wrestling
Aunt Amanda came from out of town to enjoy some time with us!! Miss you!
Hope you are enjoying the football!
We aren't much into NFL but there are a few College games on today too.
Makes it feel so much like Fall!

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