Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Evenings

Summer evenings are HOT but boy are they are fun!

Karson loves anything with water so I put him to work.
He LOVED it!

"Let's wash the wagon Mommy." "It's dirty."

Kipton trying out big brothers tricycle. Anything that big brother does
little brother repeats :)

Lots of swimming to stay cool

4-wheeling is always a big hit
(don't worry I was riding behind Karson)

Kevin's favorite thing to do: take the boys fishing.

Even though Kevin is on the Ohio River all day at work he still
loves to take the boys there. They love it just as much!

Both boys...loving life :)

I was not too crazy about this part but Kevin insisted that he would be fine.
He was and he LOVED it!

After coming back from the river....the fishing continues in the back yard!
This boy is ATE UP with fishing.

Maybe Karson will be in the FLW (college fishing)

We had our 1st campfire of the summer
This was Karson's 1st ever campfire and he was so excited.
We put Kipton to bed because he is set on his bedtime but maybe
next summer he can enjoy his 1st campfire.

I don't even know how many marshmallows were consumed.
Here is Karson and his cousin Dane. They are best buds!

What are you doing in the summer evenings?

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