Sunday, August 7, 2011

New House Update

A few people were asking to see some updated pictures of the house. Here ya go!!

Taken: 8/6/2011

Front of the house

- There are 4 windows on the front plus the front door but they are covered for now -

The front porch and steps

- None of the block will show of course after the dirt is pushed around -

Garage and Side door

That's all the picture I have for now. This coming week (8/8) they will have the house under roof with the shingles on. Then it's windows and exterior doors. Then they will do electric & plumbing, and so on.

We are still looking for it to be done around Halloween.

Loves to ride the mule.

"I've got my glasses on Mommy."
"I'll be safe!"
haha he's a hoot

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