Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tempers and Park

Not much going on around here besides enjoying the summer and keeping these boys busy and happy.

As Kipton approaches 13 months he is nothing short of a wild man! Boy does he keep me on my toes.

The boy knows how to throw a fit. Not just a little cry or whine, but an all out drag out FIT! He has won the gold when it comes to the champion of fit throwing. No exaggeration either! He knows what he wants and he surely IS going to get it.

 - If big brother has something he wants....a fit is thrown!
 - If big brother walks away too fast and he can't get his little legs to work fast enough...a fit is thrown!
 - If good ole mom doesn't get his juice and snack fast enough...a fit is thrown!

BOY KIPTON! Your big brother did not prepare me for a fit thrower like yourself. He never did this. But I sure do love you! You still like to be cuddled and held which is a great part of your day.

Karson's newest wish for his days: "Wanna go to the park Mommy?"
Chick-fil-a has been replaced (for now) with the park.

The highlight of the trip

Love to swing at the park even though we have swings in our backyard?
I just don't get these boys sometimes :)

Gotta love boys. They are never picture ready.

Even though we are facing a temper stage with Kipton he is still my little buddy.
They are both nothing short of amazing!!

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