Thursday, August 4, 2011

Embrace the Camera - 8-4-11

Linking up with "Embrace the Camera"

We recently had family pictures made. We took them out by our new house that we are building. I love pictures that are taken outside in the country setting...they are so much better than the ole' studio pictures. Blah!

We have been super busy with the new house.

Haven't had much time to blog or do anything really besides chasing the boys around, and fine tuning all the details that goes along with the house.

Hoping things will slow down a bit.

Kipton Lee - 1 year (12 mo)

Karson Bradley - 2 yrs

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having boys!
Everything about it.

I wouldn't trade our trains, dirt, and swim trunks for a barbie any day.
I am so used to the all boy house I have.

They are best buds now. I had been waiting for the time
when they would ask for one another and it has come.

They play ALL day together. It is wonderful!! I am so glad Kipton came
even though we weren't expecting him. He is such a great addition to our family.

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