Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catching a Memory

If I could say one thing about fishing it would be "blah!" From the day we met, Kevin has always tried to lure me into his favorite hobby of fishing. However, it has never worked. I think it's many things except for fun. I just can't get into sitting there for days waiting for something. I guess it proves that I'm too much of a busy body to just "sit" around.

And then came Karson, our two year old son. You won't believe what his daddy has done to him? Yep! Made him LOVE fishing.

These picture are from LAST YEAR around this same time of year. 

This boy is beyond obsessed. Now that it is summer, Karson thinks everyday is fishing day. The whole 12 hours that Kevin is working he is waiting for his daddy to come home to take him fishing. It is super sweet.

"Mommy.....Daddy take me to dock."
"Karson catch a big SHISH"
"Mommy...Karson's SHISHY pole"

Since this is Karson's favorite hobby I guess I am stuck liking it.
It is so fun to watch him get excited when he thinks he is getting a fish.

At least once a week, or even more, we go somewhere to take him fishing.

Now that Kipton is in our family I normally sit with him and we watch Karson and Kevin.
Kevin was right about it being peaceful, even if you are just sitting and watching.

Last night Karson wanted to take his good friend Lexi along.

Down by the River

Here is a picture of Kipton eating his cracker with Mommy and watching the fishermen.

He is so sweet!

I'm sure there will be many more memories to come of fishing.

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