Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Camden Park

Because we are building a house this summer there will be no vacations for us. (bummer) So I am constantly finding fun and different things for the boys to do to make up for it. (as if they even realize there is no beach)

So I found a day that wasn't going to be 90 degrees and we went to Camden Park.

Here are some pictures from our fun evening. Karson was a blast and LOVED every ride we took him on.

He had no objections to anything. Just a "go with the flow" kinda guy. When you ask him what his favorite ride was he says: "The row boats just like daddy does".

Even Kipton got to ride a few things with Karson. I was super nervous but it turned out to be okay.
Tears did come to my eyes when I was watching these two.
It really is happening. The boys are becoming best buds! :)

Kipton on the carousel with momma!

This ride made Kevin and I laugh until we cried. Karson LOVED it!
He laughed and smile the whole entire time.

1st time with Daddy

2nd time with Mommy
Another ride that made me super nervous. But Kevin insisted that
he would be fine....and he was.

Kipton and his snacks

We ended the evening with some Austin's ice cream and called it a night.
Everyone was ready for bed!

I am so lucky to have these three boys in my life. They make it so fun!

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