Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New House

Building the new house has demanded a lot of time we never dreamed about. Lots of paperwork, running to Lowes, picking out every-single-tiny detail, mailing this, mailing that, going to the brick store, going to the window store, creating a kitchen, etc, etc, etc. Of course it is super fun for Kevin and I...but not so fun for the 2 boys in tow who would rather be at home running the backyard or getting into mischief.

Kevin and I had absolutely no problems agreeing on the house plan. We both love it!

Things I am most excited for:

 - All 1 Level -
(ahhh no more carrying laudry up and down 3 flights)

 - A Huge Pantry in the kitchen -
(something I have been DYING for)

- No more sharing a bathroom with the boys -

- Walk-in closet of my very own -

- Long front porch -

- Did I mention the no noise you hear when you go outside? -
(ahhh country living :)

- Along with many other things but those are my top 5 -

We were set back a few weeks because of the massive down pours last month but progess is coming along.

The road coming up to the house

That's all that I have time to post for now. I am hoping to do a blog post of all the before and after pictures I have up to date. It will be a great scrapbook someday.

I had to throw this one in just because I love them!
(even though they aren't looking)

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