Monday, June 6, 2011


After 10 months I think the boys are really starting to act like brothers do. Karson will get Kipton to laugh by making funny faces. He will do certain things "boys" do (snort, burp, blow raspberries) to get Kipton to mock him.

Now Kipton's new trick is clapping. I forgot how cute it is to see a baby clap. Karson is really loving the fact that he can clap and Kipton will repeat him.

Now that Kipton is so mobile, he can climb the stairs at the blink of an eye.

The gate went up and Kipton was NOT happy about it :)
I can already see the "tatle telling" coming out in Karson:

"Mommy!!!!!!! Kipton is crawling up the stairs"
"Get him Mommy"
"NO NO Kipton....Bad Boy!"
"Fall down."
"Go to the doctor. Get shots. In Belly"

Karson, Nana, and Papaw also planted pumpkin seeds at the new "house seat" in hopes that they will grow. More likely they will not...but we can hope. How awesome would it be to have a pumpkin farm?

Heres to hoping that the boys always enjoy each other and are the best of friends.

Pool time

At the zoo

Morning stroll

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