Thursday, May 10, 2018

This Pregnancy

This pregnancy has flown by! I am now 24 weeks with just 14 more to go.

As this is my fourth pregnancy, it has gotten a little harder each time. This time I am blaming age :) But, I have felt pretty good overall and for that I am thankful. 

(Our family on Easter Sunday)

We are having another BOY and are thrilled. We have come up with a name but not sharing until the birth. This is our first time to do this. 

I have been nesting and cleaning out everything. That is always the fun of pregnancy. 

The due date is August 24th, but normally it takes a week longer :)

Hope you are enjoying the Spring weather. It is beautiful here in West Virginia!


Billie Jo said...

So exciting for you and your beautiful family.
Enjoy the spring!

Simply Farmhouse said...

Happy for you all, I can't wait to met the new little man. Have a wonderful weekend.