Saturday, April 14, 2018


We always have changes going on around us. Every single day there is some sort of change. 
Our mood changes. Our thoughts. Our Motives. Our Talents. 
There is always change in our revolving world here on earth.
What happens when you get a change in your home that REALLY changes things?
How do you react?
I guess that is the REAL question. How do we REACT to the change. 
I know many of you that read here are mothers and wives like me.
Over the past few months we have went through a change in my husbands work schedule. At first it seemed minor. But after we are having to live it, it seems huge. Then other days, it seems minor again. It is easy for us to feel sorry for ourselves. Like this is the end of the world. 
Being at home alone with the children for many weeks at a time gives you a real eye opening experience. You realize just how much your husband helped in the evenings. How much his comforting words at night were needed. How you long to have a good adult conversation with your spouse again. How many more days will daddy be gone for work. 

All we can do is pray. Give it to God. Hope that whatever change we are going through, that we will be strong. I don't pray for my husband to magically get a new schedule. I pray for strength for me, him, and the children during this big adjustment. I have realized I am not super woman, nor am I perfect. But I can give it my best for my children and husband. Be the wife and mother that God is allowing me to be. Be blessed for a working husband who always honors his work change. Good or bad. 

So with that, I am choosing to embrace change. To find the positive in it. For when my husband comes home, we will rejoice that his work is done for a bit. We will cherish the time with him even more. 


Billie Jo said...

This is a beautiful post.
I admire your strength and attitude during this time of change in your lives.
I remember when my older children were young, and my husband was working very long hours.
May God bless you with peace and strength. : )

Simply Farmhouse said...

Stacy, what a heartfelt post. Your a wonderful godly lady and I am glad I know you.

Hugs sweet friend :)

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Its not easy to have your husband gone for days or weeks at a time, i know well how hard it is, as my husband often would be gone for weeks at a time. Cell phones and Skype help but still not the same as having him there. You have a positive outlook and I will pray the Lord continues to grant you strength for it all!! Hugs!

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