Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sneaks into Spring

Last Friday, it felt like Spring was on its way. It reached almost 80 degrees here in WV. That is very abnormal. Normally February is our snowy month. I was surely not complaining.

I am so thankful when we get an awesome spring day thrown in there. The boys and I were outside all day. 

I began pulling down the winter decor. I just wanted a fresh change. Being that I am a stay at home mother, the inside of my home needs to be cheery and pleasant. This is my workplace. 

The Home. 

I wrote about our bookshelves back in the fall but I'll type again about them. They were built by a few men from our church. My husband built the fireplace. It was a huge blessing to us to complete this project. The fun part is decorating them to match the seasons. 

I try to keep the expense down by using things I already have from past years or hand me downs. Just little trinkets here and there I may pick up. I mainly love to fill our home with pictures of our family. 

Decorating for spring has my moods lifted. Winter can put you in a rut. For me anyway.

 Cold, dreary. I want my mood lifted high to better serve my family. 

Stay warm! 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Chicken Happenings

I thought I would write a little update on our chickens.

*We currently have 15 hens and 2 roosters.

*We have had chickens for 6 years now. They are so fun to watch. We love to let them roam during the day on our homestead.

*We have never before had 2 roosters at one time. Our neighbor has about 6 roosters and wanted rid of some. We took one at first, then my husband came home with another. I thought that with the large amount of land they can roam on, they would be fine. I was wrong :)

*Rooster are so protective over their flock of girls. The first rooster we got says "this is my place, move out!" So we have had some rooster fighting over the past week. We all voted at dinner on what to do about this situation. There were lots of ideas coming from our boys.

*The vote came out, that we would try to find a new home for our black rooster.

*My husband found a man at his work that is going to take the black rooster on Friday. We are thankful. They have been fighting for blood. Something I have never witnessed, but it is surely true. Rooster are soo protective over their hens.

*This spring we have plans to repaint our barn. The boys want it to be red, but we shall see. Our house is a light green, and I'm not sure red would go well. I love that our boys are so involved with the happenings around the farm.

They truly love our little quiet spot in West Virginia.

How are your chickens doing if you have them? We currently get around 8 eggs per day. Some of our girls aren't laying anymore due to old age, and too young. We just love watching them scratch and peck. They are very friendly to us and the boys as we have raised them from chicks.

Happy Thursday!!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Motivation Monday

I have been trying to watch what I eat and excercise more in the new year. Some days I do awesome and I'm so proud of myself!

Other days, not so much.

I've realized I need motivation. It can be something small for some. For me, it's a bad picture of myself. One that doesn't look like me anymore.

I must become hard on myself.

Disciplined. Strong. Self-controlled.

So today we went for a long walk in the park. It was nice and the weather was beautiful around 67 degrees.

Do you have some type of motivation? 

Please share!

Saturday, February 18, 2017