Monday, March 13, 2017

Raising Roosters

We have around 20 hens. We had the same rooster for about 3 years and then something got him a few months ago. It's amazing to see how the rooster would rather be killed himself, than to see his girls touched. 

What an amazing trait they carry.  

So we were needing a new rooster to go with our girls. We asked our neighbors if they had any to spare. They said yes. 

So my husband came home with one. He is white and beautiful. He mentioned they had many more and we're locked up very tight. Well, my chicken heart was hurting and I sent kevin back to get another. I guses I'm a chicken rescue lady haha. 

So now we have 2 roosters. If you've ever had more than one rooster you know what's to come. 

They fight. It's not pretty. 

My boys came in yelling "mom, mom come quick they are bleeding!". I ran out (with curlers in my hair) while trying to get ready for church and yes they were fighting for blood. 

However, fast forward to a month later. They are dealing with each other much better. I wouldn't say they are best of friends but they are sharing the girls. 

So, if you are caught up in rooster troube my advice is to give it time. The boys were praying for them to get along. It was so cute. 

Have you had any rooster trouble? 

I love hearing them crow and the crowing has doubled and I love that. 

This weekend we plan to paint our barn RED! I can't wait. 

Blessings, Stacy


Heidigirl said...

I miss our farm! praying for another one so we can enjoy chickens and rooster fights!!! ;) so much fun!!

Simply Farmhouse said...

We have 2 rooster one has became king of the coop. He hurt the other rooster wing. The hurt rooster is very laid back now and keeps to himself. Wing is looking much better. The mean one is going to have to go..he attacks us often.

Wendi said...

I am glad Teresa posted about your blog today. I thought I was a follower, but somehow I wasn't. That is fixed now! Our neighbors use to have a rooster and I loved hearing him crow. Red is my favorite color for a barn. Happy painting!