Sunday, March 26, 2017

Farm Updates

One of our chickens went broody. That means she is sitting on a nest of eggs and wants to be a momma. We are always soo excited when this happens. We put our other baby chick's in with her hoping she will mother them too. 

We are in the middle of painting our barn red. We were blessed to build this barn about 2 years ago. We have it for our chickens and for storage. Maybe other farm animals will come, but for now this is the intention. 

We built it for about $400. We used lumber from a lumber yard that was rough cut. My husband and dad built it saVing a bunch. 

It was black before, but who doesn't love a bright red barn. I can't wait to plant flowers and add a big barn star to the side. 

I will update again after my husband finishes it up today. He has worked hard. 

Happy Monday!
John Sloane artwork


Simply Farmhouse said...

Painting is slow work....I know that you are very proud of your husband for painting the barn.
A little bragging will go a long way :) I am thinking about painting my little shed barn back to red, and maybe the chicken coop? Have a wonderful day my friend.

Wendi said...

Our little barn is 15 years old and will need some maintenance this year. After some of boards are replaced it will need a new coat of paint. It will be painted red again because who doesn't love a red barn?

Yay for husbands who are willing to put in a little elbow grease to spruce things up!

The Gregor Family said...

I had so much fun checking out your blog! I have always lived in the city but sometimes I think it would be so fun to live/raise our kids in the country! I love how you built your own house. It is so cute with so much charm!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Your little red barn is awesome, how wonderful to build it for $400! I am following Teresa's recommendation to meet you, and how glad I am! We have a lot in common I think... my "girls" are highlights of our life here, they constantly keep us entertained. So far, I haven't had a hen go broody yet this spring. But it is exciting when they do and they mother the baby chicks. Happy to meet you today :)