Saturday, March 11, 2017

Preparing your garden

Spring will be here in just 7 days. March 20th it will officially be spring. 

Depending on where you live, it is starting to either feel like Spring or still winter. Whatever the case, Spring is coming. I always feel so appreciative for the warmer weather afree our winters. 

How are you preparing for your garden? What are some ways you are planning, saving, and preparing for one of the best ways to eat healthy. By having your own food grown right on your homestead. 

Each year we get better and smarter with our garden. Here in WV we have a lot of red clay and rock in our dirt. So here is our plan for 2027. 

1. Bring in cow manure from a farm down the road and spread it all over the garden. DONE!!

2. Borrow our uncles huge tiller and till the garden really good. 

3. Make a list of each type of vegetable we want to plant and how many of each. 

4. Put in cross ties at the bottom of the garden to help raise the beds. This will keep the compost and manure up in the garden I stead of it getting washed down the hill. 

5. Save up some $$$ for the plants. 

6. At the right time begin planting. Then Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize. Let the spring rain that will be coming do its work. 

I think making the list of what vegetables you want is key. Many years we just go to buy plants with no real plan in mind and end up buying too much or not enough. Set a budget and list out your vegetables. Ask everyone in your home what is their favorites. 

When we took a trip last summer to the Amish country in Ohio I admired so much their gardens. The women worked so hard on them. It is the woman's job to keep the garden along with the house. 

They would also plant flowers in their garden area and it was so pretty. I think I'll try that this year. 

Are you preparing for a garden? I am getting so excited to be outdoors and planting. 

Happy Monday! 

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Simply Farmhouse said...

Last fall and through out the winter, I added things to our garden space. Such as lime, chicken stuff, top soil, leaves. I hope to start my plants in the green house soon. I love the little farm house photo you used. I remember my grandmother caring for the garden, using her apron to carry all the veggie back to the house in. If it was a large picking she would carry them back in harvest baskets. My mom raised a garden...yes, it is a way for the wife/ mother in us to provide food for our families.

Have a wonderful week.