Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Days

We are having some spring Days here in WV. Yesterday was around 63 and today will be 68. This sure does cure cabin fever for a bit.

The boys and I enjoy being outside. They have been building a fort house, and playing in the creek. Such fun for little boys.

Our chickens are starting to really lay good again now that the weather has been warmer.

We have around 15 baby chick's so far and have plans to get a few every month. This will keep the raising of chick's going, and continue to produce new egg layers when fall comes.

I love these warmer spring days.


Simply Farmhouse said...

Boys will be boys...what a perfect place for boys to grow up at with a farm, creek and forts..doesn't get any better then that.

Gigi's Blog said...

Oh my, your chicks are SO cute! Our incubator is getting repaired but when it is finished, we are hoping to hatch our own little chickies, unless one of our hens goes broody soon. It so so delightful to have fresh, new baby farm animals! Enjoy!