Monday, July 4, 2016

Kiptons Baptism

Our middle son Kipton was baptized this past Sunday at our church. 

A few weeks ago during our nightly bible time he asked all of the right questions and we guided him into being saved. He was strong and ready and excited! 

He knew he had to follow that up with baptism and he was ready for that as well. 

He was so excited! He had been telling us days before that it was going to be a big Sunday! Yes, it was! 

I am so blessed and grateful that my boys have both been saved and baptized. God is working in our family. I am forever thankful. 

God is good! 


Simply Farmhouse said...

Hey girl, thank you for the comment on my blog. We are fine so sweet of you to check on us. What wonderful news that Kipton got saved and baptized. Praise the Lord. I can't not believe how your youngest son has grown. Keep enjoying your summer. Do you still teach at school?

Stacy Dick said...

Yes, the baby is growing like a weed! WE are so blessed he is growing. No I am not teaching. I am staying home with my children :) Blessings to you!