Monday, July 11, 2016

Amish Country Pt 1

Good Morning!

I have always loved reading and learning about the Amish lifestyle. I have really wanted to go to the Amish country for many years. My wonderful husband made it happen this year.

We just got back from Berlin/Sugarcreek Ohio this past week.

It was about 4 hours away from our home. It was an incredible 3 days there. We packed it full of everything we hoped to do, but still could have stayed longer.

This first place I'm going to share was called Farm at Walnut Creek. It was a spot where you could tour around the entire farm.

Most of their barns and homes were white. Everything was very clean. Their gardens were amazing!

The boys and I inside an Amish home.

At the farm were many animals ranging from zebras to goats to friendly deer.

The view was amazing there. You can see in the background the amazing hills of Amish country.

My husband and baby Kase looking at the donkeys.

The produce stands were also amazing. SO many wonderful kinds of produce that were grown right there at the farms.

I love how simple their life is. I think we can all learn a lot from the Amish way of living.

Since then we have brought home our own goats to the farm. We were very inspired to have animals that can help us out on our farm also. We have a lot of weedeating to do here, so we knew goats would be very helpful. My husband found two twin boy goats and they are getting settled now. I will post soon on their arrival.


Tracey Brewer said...

We have never been to Amish country in Ohio, but my husband and I went to the Lancaster, PA area a number of years ago. We just recently talked about taking our kids there, so hopefully that's something we can do together soon! Looks like y'all had a great trip!!

Simply Farmhouse said...

What a beautiful place. Our Amish in our area do not live that nice. They are very rural and their farms and homes aren't nice but the people are nice. I love the simply ways they live, it reminds me of my childhood. Expect we had electric and indoor plumbing. LOL