Monday, April 13, 2015

Opening Day of Baseball

This past Saturday was such a fun day.
Karson (6) decided he wanted to play t-ball this year. This is his first time playing an organized sport. He tried soccer once, and really did not like it. I felt like he was too young to MAKE him continue. We have also done swimming lessons but that was one on one lessons at the university close to our home.
So this was the first organized sport our family has really been involved in.
Saturday was the opening day of baseball in our town. It was a fun time.
Little brother (4) decided he didn't want to play this year, just cheer on big brother. Here the boys are walking to the field. So cute!
Our boy is #34. He is on the Cardinals team.
So proud!
Daddy sure is proud. He is helping the team.

All of the teams gathered together on the field before the games began.
Little brother brought snacks for the team. He was proud of brother too!

In t-ball you don't keep score, so these guys just had a fun day. They came together and clapped hands and said good game. I think that is the best part of organized sports.
Learning to be a team player, and being a good sport.

Our boy got 3 big hits and played the field very well during the game. We are proud!

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