Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Break

We had our Spring Break a few weeks ago, and I wanted to talk about it before it's too late to remember.
The boys and I had a wonderful week together.
It started with Kipton having surgery Monday. He has had a hard time with his tonsils and adenoids. So he needed them removed as well as getting tubes put into his ears to keep from ear infections.
I thought Spring Break was the perfect time so he could rest up and momma could be his nurse.
He didn't cry getting ready and leaving us to go back, but he got upset over wearing "A DRESS" :)
He did well, and the next couple of days were spent at home just resting.
Karson started t-ball over our Spring Break. This was his first practice.
We did do some school work while on Spring Break.
Kipton has grown to love coloring. He will sit and color for a long time now.

One afternoon I got to take just Karon to run errands, while Kipton stayed home and rested with daddy. We had a good time and ended up eating at a steak n shake place where they cook the food and Karson loved that. He also loved that he got lemonade. It's the little things :)

We went on many hikes after Kipton got better. He hiked all over our property and came upon a huge patch of Easter lilies. He dug some and picked some to sit on our kitchen table for Easter Sunday. We have the best time together. I love having my boys. They are my best friends.

We only have 31 days of school left until summer.
Yes, I am  counting the days. I have enjoyed my time teaching the little ones but I am sure ready to be home where I belong.
I will go back to my "true" job as a stay at home mom after school ends. It is really my calling from God I believe and I have missed it so much.
I hope your spring weather is well. We have had a lot of rain here in West Virginia, but also many pretty days and even some very 80 degree warm days.

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