Saturday, February 7, 2015

The W word!


It can bring you down, so low. 

I am a BIG worrier. I worry about my boys, my family, money, bills, health, and pretty much everything else in life.  

But what I do on a daily basis is a sin. I know this. Yet, some days I can't let my mind rest. 

In the grand scheme of things I am blessed way more than I deserve. I have two healthy children, a loving husband, a warm home filled with food and clothes. I have everything I need and more. So why worry? I don't know that. 

I have weeks where it is heavier than others. To be honest, this is one of the reasons I chose to go back to teaching full time. I have loved my time at home with my boys the past five years. I wouldn't trade it for anything and I know God gave me that chance. However, I had noticed as they were getting older and playing independently more it gave me more time to sit and rest. That was a good thing, but it also brought on the worry.

I need to keep busy. All day staying busy, or I begin to worry. 

Working has been so helpful. I am busy teaching little 5 and 6 year old hearts how to read and how to count. Its just a perfect place for me. God knew what I needed. A job to keep me busy but very close to my own boys. 

I do not take this job for granted anymore. 

I know it was Gods way of reminding me that I should not worry, but cast these worries on him. 

He gave me an outlet. A place to use my talents towards others in our community. To be a blessing. To mend hearts. To teach hearts. To love. To give care to others who don't get it at home. 

I need to remember all God has done for me. I prayed for my mind to be freed from worry. 

He didn't erase these worries, but gave me a place to stay busy and be a blessing all in one. 

Thank you God!

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