Friday, January 30, 2015

So Long January

Well, it's almost the end of January. I can't believe it has went by SOO fast.
Yesterday seriously felt like Christmas. Now, it's February.
Take time to slow down.
I think that is why God gives us sickness in the winter months. We have to slow down. But now, I am really praying "God, we've had enough sickness. Please help us stay healthy."
We have caught every bug in town. I think if there ever was a down side to being a stay at home mom while your children were babies it is that when they get to school, they will be sick. A lot!
We have played a lot of puzzles, read a lot of books, and got many ideas from HGTV.
We have had a few snow days. We were well enough to go outside and play. I stayed on the porch and kept the house warm, and made the hot cocoa. Lots of marshmallows go with it :)

Karson is such a wonderful helper. We have taken our HGTV ideas and put them to good use. I love the show Fixer Upper and have used the ideas for our home. I love new rugs. The really brighten up the room.

We had a one on one time one weekend this month. We went house decoration shopping, and to a hot dog stand.

My parents have a hot tub in their sun room. It is nice entertainment for the boys in the winter months. They enjoy a nice long soak. 

Of course we have to keep up with our duties around the home. Chicken catching and feeding is one of them. 

Kipton loves the chickens. He is very good with them as you can see. 

Hope your staying healthy and that February is good to you!

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