Monday, February 16, 2015

A Snow Storm is Coming

A big winter storm is coming our way. We have had a few little dustings here in West Virginia this winter, but nothing like this.

A total expecting 8-12 inches is expected today into tonight. It has been a long time since it has snowed this much. 

We are ready! We are stocked on water, food, and gas for the generator. 

Later in the week it is going to be -5. 

The good part is that teachers and students do not have to go to school if it snows much or the temperature is below 10 degrees. I suspect we will be off all week. My husband however, must go no matter what. I pray he makes it back safely this evening. He works out on the cold Ohio River driving a boat. That river is freezing!

It is all beautiful, but a little scary when you have loved ones out in it. 

I pray for fun family time during these days, but for safety for my family. Please protect and watch over my husband, and parents dear Lord as they go to work. 

Are you getting snow where you live? 

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