Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Happenings

December is always so busy, yet so fun. I look forward to the traditions each year. Our elf Bucky found our home again. Just for fun! The boys love finding him each morning. He started his first morning with a North Pole breakfast. Our boys are 5 and 4 this Christmas and I think it's going to be a really fun year. 

I also picked up an elf for my classroom. The kids named him Max. They have also enjoyed finding him in his new spot each morning. 

I will admit that my husband Kevin is way more fun with the elf than me. Normally by 9:00 I'm in bed for the night and always forget to move him. Kevin likes being creative. This night he was shaving. The boys loved it!

We have also painted Christmas ornaments together. This is a tradition that Kevin did with his mom and brother growing up. 

Kiptons preschool class went to a pottery place and painted ornaments together as a class. Then they went to the mall to visit Santa. He had a great time. Every time you ask him what he would like for Christmas he says something completely different. His teacher told us that on this trip, he told Santa he wanted a real live alligator that was grumpy! lol Nothing surprises us with Kipton.

On this day Kipton got to wear his pajamas to preschool for Polar Express day. He really enjoyed that!

My school put on a Christmas program for the Kindergarten and 1st grade. My boys and Kevin came and Kipton found a friend from school. They are cute!

Karson has also had an exciting month. Along with winning a contest from literacy week, he was named Student of the Month for December. The character trait was "self control" which I think it pretty awesome to win. That means that he has shown he can have self-control while at school. All of his years leading up to school, that was one of my biggest worries. Boys tend to not want to sit still, and I'm thankful that his teacher has helped him in this and he is succeeding.

On the day above he was also have his Polar Express day. The students got to wear their pajamas, and they watched the movie. They got to have cookies and hot chocolate after lunch and wear conductor hats as well as punch their tickets just like in the movie.  

Kevin got to have lunch with Karson on Thursday before his Christmas break began. They had Christmas lunch, and the both really enjoyed that time together. Karson was showing his daddy all of his friends at school, and many teachers came up to Kevin and bragged on what a good boy he is. 

December is busy, I hope I don't forget to document all of this. I love looking back on sweet memories. 

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

What fun ~what wonderful memories your boys will have. Merry Christmas, May God Bless your family.