Friday, December 26, 2014

C3 Christmas

A few Sunday's ago, our boys were able to sing in front of our church and show off their Christmas songs. This class was Karson's elementary class. He LOVES this class. One of the reasons he is so in love with church and Jesus. 

Below is Kipton and his class which is called "The Ark". This is also the class that I teach every other month and have for 3 years now. It is 3-5 year old children. Such a blessing to teach them each Sunday. 

The boys before church. Our church is dress casual. Sometimes I really agree with it, and sometimes I wonder about it. But, I love our church and won't let one factor slide me away. 

My dad's birthday was also last week (the 21st) and we had a little party for him. Just presents, dinner, and red velvet cake. The boys love helping of course.

My moms tree this year was a snowman tree. You can't see very well from these pictures, but it was really pretty. I wish I would do a tour of her home. I may do that soon.

Our chickens have been laying eggs like crazy. They always do this in December. We only have 10 hens right now, and they are all laying but one. So that's 9 eggs per day. 

I love fresh chicken eggs!

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