Thursday, June 12, 2014

My tile grout re-do!

When we built our house 4 years ago, we didn't have any plumbing or electric working in the house until just a few weeks before we moved in.

The floor guys put my tile in my kitchen, and I picked out a pretty cream grout for my tan tile. Instead of using tap water, they had to use water from our creek. I was very unhappy with the outcome, but decided what's done is done and thought to myself that I would fix it later. It was not the cream grout I had in mind, but dark brown and then light brown in other areas.

Fast forward 4 years, and I'm just now getting around to re-doing it like I had originally wanted.

We were at Lowes recently picking out new tile for the boys bathroom, and I saw this bottle of "renew" from Lowes. I was a bit hesistant to try it, but thought it could only look better from here.

 I started the process after I had cleaned up the kitchen after dinner. You want to make sure your done serving food for the day before you begin.

You squirt this bottle straight onto the grout, and smear it in with your finger or an old rag. You have to let it sit in for 2 hours. 

I put it on thick because it was all so un even. You can see the big difference. 

At that point, you wait your 2 hours. It is smeared all over the tile. You have to then take a bucket of clean water and wipe the access with a towel. I used a spray bottle of water to get it loosened up before I started scraping the access off. 

This took quite a while. I did it in sessions. Overall,I think it took 4 hours. Then you stay off of it for another hour. 

Then 24 hours later you can wash your tile with warm water to get anything that youve missed. 

I was so surprised with how well it turned out. It made the tile pop so much more. I would suggest this product to anyone looking to renew their grout.


Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Your home is beautiful, so clean.

Rachel said...

It looks great! I've been wanting to refresh the grout in all 3 of our bathrooms, but nothing seems to work and I'm hesitant to use the 'grout paint' I've seen because I figure it would get all over the tile! I might pick some of this up soon! :)

Nathan Riley said...

It is quite frustrating when things don’t come out the way you want them to, and a lot of people tend to just let it be. But what you’ve done with your grout is amazing! It looks new and quite neat. Thanks for sharing!

Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta