Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Favorite things to Photograph

I have a few things I LOVE to take pictures of.

Chickens, and chicken eggs are one of them. So strange, I know. My chickens are mostly free ranging and roam around our property until it gets dark and then they go into their coop. Sometimes it's an egg hunt to find their eggs. We won't get eggs for a few days, and I know they have been laying in other places. 
It makes for a beautiful picture!

I've found eggs under my grill.
On my grill.
In the garage.
In the sandbox.

Behind bushes.
On the gravel driveway.
Even in flower pots. 

If they have to lay, they will lay anywhere!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned along with chickens we have two Maltese dogs. This is Bailey and he is our hunting/farm dog. He is also a lap sitter. He LOVES being with us, and if I accidentally close the door on him he whines and whines. Our other Maltese is Lexi. (no picture) She is around 14 years old, and is starting to get real slow, and sleep a lot. Shes in good health otherwise. She loves to lay under our bed, and in her dog cage on a big pillow. 

I told Bailey one day in our front yard to lay, so he did. Then he looked at me like "Hey, I'm your subject today?" He's really the best dog I've ever had. He is SO loyal.

So, I really enjoy taking pictures of my animals. 

I enjoy taking pictures of my growing plants. Whether it be flowers, or our garden. It's fun to watch them grow and get pictures along the way. These geraniums are so easy to grow on a hot porch. They also look really good with an American flag. It just says SUMMER!

My last, but favorite subject for my camera, are my boys. They are always into something, and that makes for interesting pictures. This particular day, they were going through the rocks in our playground area, and finding the ones that looked "cool and different". They could do it for an hour straight.

What are some of your favorite things to take pictures of? What kind of camera do you have?

I love my Cannon Rebel.


Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Hi Stacy,
I love taken photo's of simple living, of my kids and grands. I love capturing things of beauty that people hurry by..and don't take time to stop and admire. And so much more.
I have a Nikon D70..and dreaming of an Canon 60D. I love your photo's and enjoyed reading your post.

Have a wonderful day.

Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...
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