Monday, June 2, 2014

Strawberry Pickin

Last week, I took the boys to a local strawberry patch. This was our first time to pick, and I knew they would love it. 

There were about 5 fields. We were early to get there and had the whole place to ourselves. It was so nice, but hot! 

We all had a bucket. Karson was really into picking, and Kipton ate more than he picked, but that is ok. 

You don't realize how much work goes into strawberries until you are down bending over to pick them. God Bless all of the strawberry farmers who keep our grocery stores stocked.

Let me tell you there is a difference between just picked, and ones from the store. The freshness is out of this world!

After we got home, the question was "What to do with all of these strawberries?" So we first made strawberry shortcake. The next day we had them with our pancakes, and then again for lunch. In an effort to save some for later, I froze the rest. 

I'm thinking a strawberry pie, or fresh milkshake would be so good in July!

The chickens got all of the tops and boy were they happy!

I would love to have my own strawberry patch someday.

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

What a great outing.
Love the photo's of your