Friday, June 13, 2014

Fishing together

My husband Kevin has been fishing since he was 3, and still at 34 years old he could fish everyday. I have tried and tried to LOVE fishing. But really, instead of me loving it, I just love it for my guys.

I really just love to watch them enjoy it. I find it relaxing to sit in my chair and help with poles, and fix snacks, and just watch. I love being outdoors, and with my boys that is where they always want to be.

I think the best part is just the family time. Its normally at a pond, lake, creek, or river and its so quiet. Just being together is really all that matters. Not if we are catching, or the boys are doing it just right. 

Kipton (above) is 3 and really doing well this summer. Last year he just wanted to snack. This year he is actually fishing for about an hour before he starts snacking :) that's a start!

Karson (below) is 5 and fishing is truly his passion. He could and would go every single day. This year he can bait his own hook, and take the fish off. He started at age 2 throwing a line with only a bobber (no hook). Each summer he gets better and better. 

Below, me and Kipton snacking. He let's me hold him during this time :) I love that part. 

Karson likes to organize his tackle box on rainy days inside. He knows the different baits and what type of fish they will catch. He is very interested in learning all he can about fishing. His favorite store is Cabela's. He goes straight to the fishing section. 

He asks me every day if he can go fishing. On days we have planned to just stay home, we will walk down to our creek. It has blue gill and creek minnows, but he doesn't care. As long as he can get a fish, he's a happy boy. He loves to hold the fish and look in their mouth. His daddy showed him last weekend how to filet them to eat. I'm so thankful for a husband who is able and willing to teach our children all there is to learn about fishing. It has been a great spring of fishing.

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Love this post...looks like everyone is having fun. Haha I love the part where he wants to look into his mouth. Too cute!