Friday, June 27, 2014

A week of Kinder Camp

This week, Karson has had his first experience as a Kindergartner. His school put on a Kindergarten "Camp" each day this week from 8-12. It has been a great way to get acquainted with new friends, the building, and the teachers. 


Transitions are hard. Whether your 29 or 5, it's hard! Karson gained his "not like change" from me. There were a few tears at drop off, that lasted a few seconds, but happy faces were there at pick up. 


(Wednesday) Breakfast with Daddy


I am hoping for an easy transition when school actually begins. School starts super early this year. August 5th! 7:35 am is going to be an adjustment but I'm hoping after a few weeks well adjust. 


So, this last month and half I'm soaking in time. Time is the best asset I can give Karson right now. Karson enjoyed everyday. He especially loved recess. What can I say, he's all boy! He saw many familiar faces from his preschool class, and met lots of new friends. 

On the last day, we found out who his teacher will be for this school year. God is going to use Karson for big things I can see it. Now, let's enjoy summer!!


sinceibecameamom said...

I have one son that has a tough time with transitions too. Glad you joined up on my site, I have been looking for mother of boys to follow so I just started following you.

Stacy Dick said...

Any advice you have learned from him having a hard time? Thanks for stopping by. I just love boys!