Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer days

This summer is flying by! I am NOT ready to give up my random, easy, and fun days with my boys. I love having them home and I love being with them. 

I never want to forget these days. 

We have had dentist appointments. They love their dentist. It's so fun for kids!

We have celebrated Father's Day with the best man in this world! Our daddy :)

We have swam many many times in mammaws pool. 

We have also swam many times in Nana's pool. Karson is swimming with no swimmes and can swim like a fish under the water. He loves to dive for rings and jump in cannon ball style. 

He MUST have his goggles on :)

We have had picnic dinners with cousin Dane under the big oak tree. 

We have also rescued a cat that showed up on our front porch. We have grown to really love him!

He was very skinny and had a flea collar embedded in his skin. He is doing much better now. 

We have been fishing many more times. In Beech Fork Lake, the creek, Uncle Johns pond, and the river. 

We have attended a few birthday parties. 

And enjoyed sliding down slides at the water park!

On rainy days, Karson likes to organize his tackle box. He teaches me what the different baits are and what they catch. He loves to teach me and tells me to sit still :)

Hope your enjoying your summer. I am soaking every single minute. 

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