Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

I'm trying to stay caught up on my "memory" posts. We were traveling back from the beach on Mother's Day weekend. It took 17 hours to get back home from Florida. I have to brag a minute on my boys and say they were the best travelers. Prior to this trip, they have never been in the car as long as they had on this trip. Kipton (3) hardly made a peep. Seriously! He just rode and looked out the window, watched movies, played games, colored, and looked at books. Karson did talk more than Kipton, but he was good as gold too. I was so thankful that God heard my crying prayers the weeks prior to our trip. I was so worried about the drive there and back. We had great travelers :)

We got home and did lots and lots of laundry and hurried out to find something special for our moms for Mother's Day. Kevin ended up asking his mom to watch the boys for a bit and took me to lunch (Mexican I have to add because he HATES it) and then shopping. It was the best "day" date. We had so much fun. 

Sunday we had church and not only was it Mother's Day, but we were dedicating our boys to the church. It was such a special Sunday. My mom also visited our church that day. Extra Special!

The church also provided free family portraits. I can't wait to get it back this week!

In true MOM form, I forgot to ask someone to take our picture during the service. Thankfully one of the pastor's wives sent me the picture above.

Kipton (3.5 years)

Karson (5 years)

After church we went to visit Kevins mom. They have opened their pool, so all of the grandkids went straight for it. Have I mentioned my big boy can swim? So thankful for that this summer. He has been in swim lessons at our local University and when we were in Florida he practiced literally all day. 

We also visited my parents and cooked outside on a fire for dinner. I forgot to take my camera over. 

I also got a lot of flowers and our garden planted. I found this old tub in my parents barn, and it had been in there for years. It had a hole already in the bottom so it became the perfect country planter.

Monday after Mothers Day, Kevins good friend came over with his new toy. The boys loved how fast it went. We all took it for a ride. Its funny to see the boys and imagine them at 16 in one of these.

We all headed up to some trail rides and ended up riding for 3 hours. The boys had a blast riding through every mud puddle, and watching Pup get stuck a time or two. 

This boy shows NO mercy on his laundry maid. He is always a mess, always!

As if my beach trip wasn't enough, my boys showered me with cards, flowers, and love. I am so loved!

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