Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beach Vacation (Part 2)

Just some more iPhone pictures from our beach trip. You can tell a great difference in the two cameras. These of course are not as high quality, but I wanted to remember them. 

When we first arrived to the beach, the boys both bought boogie boards with their beach money Nana & Papaw Brad gave them. This was a really great idea because they used them every day after that in the ocean. I really thought Kipton would have some reservations about the ocean, but he loved every second. 

Kipton really loved the sand more, and Karson loved the ocean more. So I was trying to be in two places to enjoy both boys. We ended up meeting some great people who live in Florida, but were vacationing away from their home. They had a little boy that was 4 and him and Kipton grew to be big buddy's throughout the week. One day we ended up with 7 little boys playing by our umbrella. They all had the best time. 

Throughout the week, Karson grew tired of the sand in every single part of your body :) He knew if he stayed in the ocean, that wouldn't really be as bad. He also reacted to the salt and sand irritating his legs and feet. We bought medicine and it seemed to feel better by the 3rd day. After the first day, I realized that tanning oil was not an option and a hat and glasses under the umbrella was a better one. :)

Kevin did A LOT of fishing. We didn't really know how the fishing situation would be there. Sometimes your allowed to fish right by the beach, and sometimes your not. Thankfully, he was able to fish right on a concrete wall by where we would set up our chairs and umbrella. He caught MANY fish, and the highlighted fish were called snook. They are treasured in Florida and supposedly taste really good. After the boys and I were in bed, he would go back out and fish for shark. He ended up catching three that week. 

One afternoon we drove about 40 minutes to Sarasota to get to mini golf. The boys have only played one other time and they were very competitive on getting a hole in one. 

There were live alligators to feed. They loved that part.

We walked every evening around our beach house. We found many things including beautiful homes, landscape, fruit trees, and bamboo. 

We also went canoeing in the Lagoon between Siesta Key and Sarasota. That was an experience. Do you notice I'm not in the canoe? I got in and then saw where they had taped the canoe up previously. No thanks! Kevin and the boys wore life jackets and loved every second. I guess they are more adventurous than me.

I'm so thankful for this trip, and that God watched over us while we were traveling and visiting the beautiful state of Florida. We are hoping to go back to the exact same spot next year in May. It was 88 the entire week. I can't imagine coming in July or August. The ocean temp was 76. Perfect!

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