Sunday, May 18, 2014

7 years today!

It's hard to believe that today marks our 7 year anniversary. We were married May 19th, 2007. How time flies! Seriously. I can't even believe it's been that long. It really feels like yesterday that I was twirling for Marshall University and Kevin was coming to the games and I was a NERVOUS wreck! HA!

We dated for 7 months and then were engaged. WHAT! Crazy fast. We had some great times as an engaged couple. 

We were engaged for 10 months, and then were married. 

The first night we were married we moved into our first house together in Ohio.

We honeymooned on a cruise to the Bahamas, Cozumel, and Belize. It was an amazing week!

As a married couple we hung out with great friends, worked at our jobs, and hosted a lot of neighborhood block parties for the families on our street. 

We tailgated and attended every home Marshall game to support my Alumni. However, when they played WVU there was no switching this man's wardrobe. A true Mountaineer he is!

We vacationed again the next summer in Daytona Beach, FL.

Hosted more block parties where friends gathered to play cards and cookout.

We had our 1st year anniversary in May 2008 and then in June 2008 we found out we were expecting our first child together! A precious boy who would be named Karson Bradley.

It was an easy and smooth pregnancy. We were so thankful for a healthy 8 lb 5 oz baby boy.


We enjoyed life with one child. 

Until around 8 months old, when we found out we would be expecting again! It was a surprise, but one that I am so thankful for! We soon began preparing for another baby, a boy who we would name Kipton Lee.

Kipton was born and there was Karson's first best friend in life. A 9 lb 6 oz baby who was healthy and came out roaring for life! A burst of energy he was, and still is.

The boys grew, and grew.

We soon realized we didn't want to make our Ohio home our forever home and began changing plans. We talked with my parents and set out to build a house on part of their property. Life sure became busy. A mom of two small babies, as well as finishing up my teaching degree at this point, and meeting with the contractors and picking out all of the supplies.

We all pitched in, and made it happen.

It took 6 months to build our home. It was a stressful, but a blessed time. Looking back I wished I hadn't rushed any part of it because it was all in God's hands. I miss the building stage. I never thought I would say that, but it's true. 

We have now lived in our home for 4 years. We have continued to make improvements, and upgrades along the way. We are always working on our house. It's so fun to us!

Our boys have continued to grow and learn and build life skills in our home. All of this would not be possible without our wonderful husband/daddy. He has sacrificed and worked, and worked, and worked some more to give us everything we need and a little more. We are so thankful for our home and our life. It's beautiful how a marriage goes from the two to a family. We are still married, and a couple who love each other very much, but now a couple who loves each other with two gifts of God along with us.

As we are embracing our 7th year together, we have new plans. Now we hope to build up our homestead. It is our goal to have a full working farm where we can provide fresh food for our family all while teaching a hard work ethic to our boys. We enjoy days at home more than anything. We enjoy taking the boys fishing, boating, hunting, to church, and visiting family. Our hobbies have really combined. I have grown to love his.

I am so thankful for Kevin. Aside from working so hard for his family, he is a great husband. Never stressed, very relaxed, and always looking towards the positive. He's a great friend, father, and provider. 

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6,7

Happy 7 years to the most amazing man FOR me!


Kelley said...

Oh I LOVE this post! What a beautiful love story. You are truly blessed - happy anniversary!! It's amazing how time flies - we'll be celebrating ten years in July.

Nicole said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story! Stopping by from the Growing in Grace Link Up.