Sunday, March 2, 2014

The church is not about the building...

This week has been a special one. Our church has been leading up to a move into a newly built church. We have been meeting in an old elementary building for the past 4 years. This Sunday was the first service in the new church.

There was still a lot to do, so this past Wednesday our small groups helped by cleaning, moving things, and finishing to build a few things. 

The boys played their hearts out with all of the kids, and then Karson wanted to help Kevin. He swept all of the saw dust and the guys kept making more and he just kept sweeping and sweeping. Serving The Lord! 

Kevin and another guy built this bar/table for the teen room. I know what your thinking, a bar in a church but it's just a place to sit and hang out for them. It turned out sooo good and they built it out of pallets. (Kevin's love language)

The new church is just beautiful! Every detail is just amazing. 

Today was just so special. I got choked up a few different times during the service. It was amazing and 8 people were baptized today. 

The kids rooms are amazing and were hand drawn by a member in the church. 

I taught the preschool class for the 11:00 service and we had a great group of 3-5 year olds. 

Both of my boys look up to this boy. He is the sweetest, kindest boy an just so happens to be the preachers son. My boys have nick named him "Butch" and they follow him around all over the church. 

I'm so thankful for a good church. It's really so important to have in your life. A new building is so nice, but the church is the people and not a new building. I am so thankful that Jesus saw this building through. Not just because it's new and nice, but because it will help others come closer to God.

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Have a great week!!!!!

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