Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Modest Dressing for The Lord

I have been really digging about what The Lord thinks about how a woman should dress and about modesty. It's been on my heart for sometime now.

I first began my digging when The Duggars began their TV show, and I wanted to know the reasoning behind their decisions. Now, I am digging more for myself rather than just curiosity about a particular family's decisions.

The Lord says we as women should not dress like men. As well as saying men should not dress as women. 

In 1 Timothy, the apostle Paul is writing about Instructions on Worship in Chapter 2. In verse 2:9 he says "I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or even expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for woman who profess to worship God." 

No, this verse does not say you should wear a skirt or dress, but you should be modest and covered when you dress. I feel like it teaches us to dress like you would to worship God, and that doesn't mean just on Sundays.

After looking and digging on this subject, it really wouldn't be much of a change to switch it up to some dresses and skirts more than yoga pants. I already dress modestly by always being covered. How much harder would it be to dress more like a woman would if she were to meet Jesus?

I also found it interesting to find that God doesn't want us to wear expensive clothes, or gold & pearls. I have worn gold and pearls in my life, as well as many other women so I find this very interesting.

I think the reason God doesn't want us wearing expensive clothing is because we need to be good stewards of our money. Buying a $300 name brand jacket isn't being a good steward of your money.

Your finances are from God. He can take them at any time. I truly believe that. There was a time when my husband and I were blowing a lot of money on a home we were only renting right after being married. Soon after, Kevin was suspended for 12 days for barely touching the boat up to a barge. This is an act that happens all the time, but God saw fit that the boss would react this way and scare us with this incident. 

We soon set a budget, and stopped the silly spending. We started giving to our church, and soon after we were blessed with the opportunity of building our brand new dream home. 

So do your research. Should we be showing body parts to other people that only our husband should see?

Should we be dressing in baggy pants and sweatshirts that relate to something a man would wear? 

Should we be buying expensive clothes, to impress others? 

Just some points to ponder. 

I love these quotes I found on Pinterest. 

I love this quote below. If you were dressed with your top hanging out, and too short of shorts would you be happy if you husband looked at another woman wearing this? Chances are it would turn to jealousy, and even turn to a hurtful part of your marriage. 

In my younger days before kids, and a husband I am guilty of dressing poorly. What image was that setting myself up for? I was a young woman who showed her body to the world, for all men to ponder.

Thankfully, I have changed. Dressing modest is a beautiful thing. 

I encourage you to study and research this topic. There are a lot of blogs out there that help us as women know what is right, and what is wrong in God's eyes. - A great blog on modesty. 

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Anita said...

Great thoughts on modesty! I don't know if I could do skirts all the time--especially in the winter--but I do like the idea of adding more to my wardrobe. And I LOVE the quote about dressing yourself the way you want other women to dress around your husband. So many women dress to please themselves and don't think about the effect their appearance has on other men, even Christian men. Love this post!

Nicole said...

I really love your take on this! I went through a time in my life when the Lord revealed so much to me about modesty a few years ago. Thanks for sharing and for linking to my blog, I'll be pinning your post and sharing on facebook. :-)

Eve said...

My daughter and I switched to skirts in January... We just wore leggings underneath. It was very comfy and cozy.

Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

I have worn skirts for 37 years. I have never worn pants or shorts for 37 years. I believe in modesty for the Lord ~ Great post.

dianne o'grady said...

Hello..just found your blog through Simply Farmhouse. Lovely blog. I have been saved for 8 years..hubby and I about 4 months within another...praise God. I have been skits/ dresses only for two years and three months now:) The Lord truly convicted me of this..He really did. Also, to grow my hair long and no make polish:) I feel prettier than ever and I feel like the Lord has given this freedom to ALL ladies as a gift.
I have 5 children. Two daughters still at home. 15 and 6..they too love to wear their dresses and skirts.,it just came so natural to them to make the switch. I still get strange looks when I go into town, or "why are you so dressed up" comments. It has been slow going and most of our outfits are from goodwill..though I have been fumbling through sewing projects. God bless you and yours in your journey!

Caitlin Baughman said...

Really great thoughts! Thanks for posting! :)