Friday, February 21, 2014

Views around our house

The past couple of days have been days with amazing weather. 50, 60, and 70 degree weather. We took advantage of it by staying outside all day working and playing. 

This water fall is beautiful right now with all of the water running through. 

Our chickens are enjoying the awesome weather too. This girl was named salt and pepper by the boys. She is a Barred Rock. She let's the boys pick her up and seems to love the attention. 

Our rooster is an American Game Bantams breed. He is our buddy and comes to the back porch every evening for left overs. He is very spoiled! He has been a great rooster and has been attacked multiple times by different predators but always suffers through and stays strong. It's known that some roosters will attack if they feel your harming them or their hens, but he never has flocked our kids. Kipton actually got in the pen yesterday to catch him. 

We had to pull him out to free roam because the hens lay better without him in the house. It seems that they can relax without him in there and they lay us TONS of eggs. So out he goes! He roosts in a tree at night. 

I've been cleaning out the ditch and the boys find "jobs" to do while I'm working. They were helping me with the ditch on this day. Filling their buckets of muddy water and eventually pouring the water on each other. Sigh........

The laundry is always over flowing. However, dirty laundry just shows me I have people in my house that are healthy enough to go outside and play. That's a true blessing! 

Enjoy your weekend!!

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