Monday, February 17, 2014

A Sick Weekend

We have been so lucky to have missed out on all of the sick germs this winter. I felt so good on Valentine's day. (Friday) Kevin and I went shopping and out to lunch while the boys spent time with their grandparents. 

Friday evening when we picked them up, it was like a switch. I went down, fast. So sick! I layed in bed all evening Friday, all day Saturday, and then Sunday morning while the boys went to church.

It was the worst sinus infection/head cold of my life. Thankfully, while we were at SAMS club on Friday I bought Ree's first cookbook. I got the holiday one for Christmas, and picked up her 2nd one last week. If you've never heard of The Pioneer Woman, you are missing out. Buy her cookbooks, watch her show on Food Network, learn her ways. You won't be sorry. My boys LOVE watching it too! 

So it was hot tea, lots of movies in bed, a helpful and giving husband, and two boys who prayed countless times that I would get out of bed. I think they were in complete and total shock that this was happening. I don't think in their lifetime I've ever been in bed a whole day. 

Today is looking up! I'm up, dressed, and even fixed my hair. 

Kevin took this picture of the boys on Friday night. We go to the library every Thursday and we've been reading Valentine's books for some time. They were so excited to read these for the final day, and put them in their library bag to take back. Now, onto some birthday and St. Patricks day books. (Karson turns 5 in 3 weeks) EEEEK!

I have to brag on my husband, he is so giving and helpful. He even organized my pantry while I was sick. I was so thankful because it was a mess. I am so bad about throwing things in. I've always been a stasher. Even in my days at home with my parents. I would just stash my clothes every which way. He was proud of his work, and texted me a picture so I didn't have to get up. HA! What is this world coming to?

Hope your weekend was good. I am praying for a good week! I am so thankful for this week's forecast. I could really use some sunshine and warm days. I'm sure my boys would agree.

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Anita said...

Glad you are feeling better! I LOVE Ree!!!! I haven't seen any of her cookbooks and had decided that she just didn't have any since she had that blog! I will have to hunt them down. I make her sloppy joe's and they are a BIG hit at my house. :)