Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines around our House

Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday, especially when you have a loved one. I know it can be hard for single people, and I always think of those that are alone. When you have kids Valentine's Day becomes even more fun. To see how excited they get over a little Valentine's card, or a box of those hearts with sayings on them. I thought I would show you a few things around our house that we like for Valentine's Day.

I love fresh flowers on our kitchen table. It always makes the house so bright and cheery. Every Sunday the boys and I go grocery shopping at Kroger after church.(our favorite store) We normally always buy flowers every 2 weeks. I get so excited to look at them, and see what I can find for under $5.00 to make the kitchen happy. I think the boys get pretty excited too and I've been teaching them to compliment people and their houses. So they always say "Mommy, your flowers are beautiful" when we get home and I put them in a vase.

Recently we visited a friend, and she had flowers on her table and they told her too. So I felt like my cheesy antics were working. I didn't have to prompt them, and I think it made her feel good :)

I have had this same Valentine's wreath my mom made for about 8 years now. I love it, and the little hearts were sewed and stuffed. It's always so pretty on the big white front door. 

Once again, we've gotten a lot of snow. Today we got 5 inches. It does look pretty with the pink and red Valentine's decorations. 

After thinking about what to put in Karson's Valentines bags for preschool, I decided to buy this heart shaped pan from Kroger and do the peeled crayon activity. I'm sure you've seen it on Pinterest about 100 times so I'll give you the fast version. 

Basically you peel crayons, break them into small pieces, fill each of these hearts up to the top, bake them for 10 minutes and then cool them for about 30 minutes. You pop them out and you have heart shaped crayons in all different colors. Super cool and a great activity for kids. My boys actually loved peeling, and I thought it was pretty therapeutic. 

I asked Kevin to ask his crew and other pilots on his shift, what they wanted for their Valentine's treat. They ALL requested my homemade cinnamon rolls. (Pioneer Woman, I can't take the credit on the recipe. She's the best, and I'm in love with all of her recipes.) They are wonderful, and take a while to make because you make your own dough. Kevin took these 6 pans to work yesterday, and they were all gone by 8:00am. 

Besides cinnamon rolls, we also made Valentine's cookies. I never buy boxed cookies anymore. It's so much better to make them from scratch, and cheaper too. We are delivering some to our neighbor today that always blows the snow off of our hill for us. 

This picture was taken after I made the first batch, and my boys dug into them. Sweets go so fast here!

I didn't get the boys anything particular for Valentine's day. I am pretty strict on myself about buying them things unless they have reached their 8 stars on their star chart. I am cooking a big dinner tonight, and a special chocolate dessert that Kevin will LOVE.

Have a special day!

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