Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Some things....

Are you surviving winter? We are trying to get by with the grace of God. Lots of snow and just cold weather. 

Kipton absolutely drives the dogs nuts :) He pets and loves and pulls on them most days. They are generous to his efforts, but occasionally get annoyed. 

This day it was 13 and they begged to go out. I let them play out back while I finished cooking dinner and could watch them out the door. They stayed out for nearly 1 hour just walking around.

The boys had a fun time at their friend Jonas birthday party. I didn't get pictures there, because it was at the jump place and those places are busy!

Kipton and I go with our friends Ashley and Jayden to story time every Tuesday morning at Chick fil a. This is a good thing for the little brothers to do something while the big brothers are at preschool. 

Karson and Jayden

We've been busy and waiting for spring.

It won't be long before we are planting the garden, mowing the grass, raising up baby chicks, and building a barn. 

Have a good week!

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