Monday, December 23, 2013

'Twas the weekend before Christmas

I can't believe it's only 1 more day until Christmas Eve. Friday was dads 54th birthday. Amanda had a nice dinner and party for him at her house. The boys LOVE giving presents and having a party for someone. Karson has been counting the days for weeks on his calendar. 

We have also been working outside. It has been in the 60's. It's been a nice break from being inside. I love it when the inside of the house is clean all day because we've been outside. (OCD much)

Kipton loves when we let the chickens out to run on warm days.

Karson loves to draw and loves to write his letters and make words. He said this night that he was doing his homework. 

He even wrote out a small grocery list for me while I was driving. Of course I had to spell the words out for him but he can write all of the letters.

Kipton has been working hard outside too. He says he's going to be a row boat worker and a chainsaw guy :) 

Hope you have a great Chritmas! I'll be back after Jesus' birth on Wednesday.

Merry Christmas!!!

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