Thursday, December 19, 2013

Date nights, Solos, and Santa

Last Friday night, Kevin had his work party dinner. It's just a time for the guys on his shift to all get together outside of the work place and all of the wives to meet and chat. We had a great time. This was a different group of friends than we normally eat with on Christmas dinner. Kevin was moved to a different boat and shift. 

Then the next night we went to an "adult" Christmas party for our good friends. It was so fun! Karson took our picture before heading out. 

We made salt dough ornaments this week. 


Mix and cut with cutters and microwave about 2 minutes or until hard. 

Then paint!! The boys love doing this each year. 

Karson had his Christmas program this week at preschool. A few weeks prior his teacher mentioned he volunteered to sing a solo. So I was making sure we practiced every day. So at the very end he got up there all by himself and sang "God is so Good" all by himself. A few other kids had solos but he sang also with no music. We were so proud and there were tears for sure! Hope he is always so brave to share about Jesus! 

Him and another boy were the only boys to sing. Mostly girls sang solos. 

Afterwards we headed downstairs for breakfast at Santa. 

Almost time for Santa, and Karson is/has a cold and he started looking sick and tired in the eyes. I knew we had to make a quick hello to the big man and head home. 

Brothers :) 

No smile, but thankful for the morning at our wonderful preschool. 

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Kelley said...

a solo?! what a brave boy. loved all the pictures of your beautiful family. merry Christmas :)